What We Do

G & A Fabrications is a small family run business with a unique client base.

Specialists in:

Body fabrication
Chassis repairs
Complete restoration
Specialist roll cages
Fuel tanks

Known for having an extremely high standard of workmanship within a small and unique client base, G & A Fabrications have restored and rebuilt some of the most famous of historic road and competition vehicles in the world. Aston Martin Projects 212 and 215, Bird Cage Maserati, various mkII Cobras for racing and lightweight DB4′s are a few examples of the many marques and models that have been referred to the skilled craftsman at G & A.

G & A specialise in chassis and bodywork. This can be anything from a special bracket to a complete new body. We are able to assist and work with other restorers who might not have the facilities for major projects.

Driven by a raw passion for the exotic and historic cars in which we specialise, our proudest quality is the dedication we have to turning out the very highest standard of work.